Find out what happened when I moved 10000 miles from home to Abu Dhabi with only one year to transform my life.

I didn't move to find a pretty, neat box called happy.
It was too small to hold me.
I chose something bigger!

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The latest…..

Doing lots of magazine work lately, make sure you pick up the Summer issue of NEW YOU magazine for my story on a sexy new product in the Innovator Column, “Beauty Meets Design”… Read more →

Brunch in the desert…

Almost a year ago today in March, I realized that asking for a miracle is not always necessary.  We can’t outdo the Universe, God or whatever your concept of a higher power.  I had never imagined having brunch, (let alone libations!) in the middle of the desert.  But then again, I may have in a dream or story I’ve published.… Read more →